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Welcome to Uniallies Immigration and Education Services! We specialize in providing comprehensive and all-inclusive Skill Assessment Services through Engineers Australia. Whether you are applying for a brand-new Skill Assessment, renewing your existing one, seeking a reassessment of a negative outcome, or appealing an assessment decision, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Our All-Inclusive Skill Assessment Services

1. Brand New Skill Assessment

Starting your journey to work as an engineer in Australia? Our expert team will guide you through the entire Skill Assessment process with Engineers Australia. We help you select the right engineering occupation based on your qualifications and experience. Our services include:

  • Occupation Selection: Choosing the most suitable engineering occupation category.
  • Documentation Review: Thorough review of your educational and professional documents.
  • Form Filling: Assistance with accurately completing all necessary forms.
  • Advice on Documentation: Guidance on rearranging and improving your documentation to meet Engineers Australia’s standards.
  • Competency Demonstration Report (CDR): Professional preparation of your CDR, showcasing your engineering competencies and achievements.

2. Renewal of Skill Assessment

If your current Skill Assessment is nearing its expiration, Uniallies will help you renew it seamlessly. We ensure all your documentation is up-to-date and comply with Engineers Australia’s latest requirements.

3. Reassessment of a Negative Outcome

Received a negative outcome on your Skill Assessment? Don’t worry! We provide:

  • Detailed Analysis: We will scrutinize the reasons behind the negative outcome.
  • Documentation Improvement: Advice on enhancing your existing documents.
  • Resubmission Assistance: Help you resubmit your application with stronger evidence and improved documentation.

4. Appeal Assessment Process

Believing you received an unfair assessment? Our team will assist you in appealing the decision. We offer:

  • Case Review: Thorough review of your case and the initial assessment.
  • Appeal Documentation: Assistance in preparing and presenting a compelling appeal.
  • Professional Advice: Expert guidance to ensure your appeal is persuasive and well-supported.

Why Choose Uniallies?

At Uniallies Immigration and Education Services, we understand the complexities and challenges of the Skill Assessment process with Engineers Australia. Our experienced consultants are dedicated to making this process as smooth and successful as possible for you. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expert Guidance: Professional advice from experienced consultants familiar with Engineers Australia’s standards.
  • Personalized Service: Tailored services to meet your unique needs and career goals.
  • Success-Oriented: Focused on ensuring a positive outcome for your Skill Assessment.
  • Comprehensive Support: From occupation selection to CDR preparation, we cover all aspects of the assessment process.

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Disclaimer: Uniallies Immigration and Education Services is not affiliated with Engineers Australia. We provide professional assistance to help clients navigate the EA skill assessment process.