Skill Assessment Outcome Letter Renewal for Engineers Australia

From Engineers Australia’s point of view, the assessment does not have an expiry date. It is always valid.


However, the Department of Home Affairs may have other requirements. It is our understanding that they would accept letters up to 3 years old.

If you require a duplicate Skill Assessment outcome letter, then you will need to apply for one. The administration fee for an outcome letter is AU $121.00 (incl GST).


If the system does not recognize that it is a duplicate letter, then the fee will need to be paid in full. Providing it’s under the same pathway as the original assessment, we will refund the difference after the updated letter is provided.


As Engineers Australia has now moved away from paper based applications, the process to order a duplicate letter is as follows:


  1. Log into myPortal with your CID/EAID
  2. Click  “Apply for Migration Skills / Stage 1 Assessment” on the main login page.
  3. Click on “Start MSA application“.
  4. Select the pathway that you originally were assessed under and all the additional services you were previously assessed in.
  5. Upload all of the requested documents.  

       Note: If you do not have all of the original documents, you can upload a scanned copy of the original outcome letter in place of the documents you no longer have access to.  All mandatory fields must be completed and it is very important the information regarding Universities and degrees is typed in correctly as this will appear as it is entered by you on your outcome letter.


6. Pay for the assessment (please do not add the fast track fee).

 7. Click on this link and fill out the form for notification.


Your application will be fast tracked to an assessor who will review your case and process the Duplicate Letter.  If there is any refund applicable for additional services already paid for, this will be processed after the completion of your duplicate letter.

Duplicate letters will be issued electronically within 4-5 weeks of submission.

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